Hello and welcome to “LIFEWITHAUTISTICKID”!

It is a life like nothing you could imagine! It is a life filled with the unpredictable, the unexpected, crazy experiences, and puzzling and often humorous (at least in hindsight) challenges.

I am the mom of a kid with autism and developmental disability. He is actually not a kid any more: he is a youth. I don’t change the name of this blog, because with DD, he is still a kid and always will be.

LIFEWITHAUTISTICKID changes your life, your goals, needs, expectations. It can be lonely because few people can relate to it. Autism spectrum disorder comprises such a diverse population, even amongst families living with it, there can be inability to understand each other’s circumstances. For those of us who are struggling within the moderate-to-severe end of the spectrum, what we do share is the knowledge that we are living 2.5 standard deviations from a normal life.

Many of us have ribbon magnets on our cars, requesting the awareness of others such as “support our troops”. My ribbon says, no suprise here, “autism awareness,” and it is made up of multicoloured puzzle pieces that project the confusion, the unanswered questions, the sparse and disjointed services that could potentially fit together, if only there was somebody willing to challenge modern thinking, or lack thereof, which currently often works against positive outcomes for many kids like mine .

LIFEWITHAUTISTICKID is my small way of going beyond autism awareness toward autism understanding. I am sharing my stories as candidly as I can, and with as much humour as I have been able to find in my own situation.

I suggest you read the posts sequentially from the beginning. Hope you enjoy yourself and feel free to comment and share your experiences.