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My Autistic Kid – Nick Noise

How do you get a noisy autistic kid to become a quiet autistic kid?  Where is the “off button”? N is a walking one man band.  Or perhaps  a “one man choir”  is a more apt description.  He is constantly making … Continue reading

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Services for Autistic Kids

I have “autism awareness” in my header on the front page of this blog, because autism awareness and understanding is key to the development of sufficient and appropriate services in support of autism.  Happy face!  While currently autism awareness is growing,  the growth … Continue reading


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Autism Bath Adventures…

Do you have a dog that hates the water? Do you try to bathe him/her anyway? Then you might have the skill set to bathe my kid with autism.  Read on to find out if you have a possible second … Continue reading

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Teaching Autistic Kid to Ride a Bike

We have had great difficulty teaching our autistic son to ride a bike.  I am hoping that a reader of this post may be able to offer a suggestion or suggestions, as I do continue to believe in him, in … Continue reading

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Cutest Monkey Ever! by Autistic Kid!

Check out this craft by N at Autism Halton Camp! Autistic Monkey- lots of eyeballs, especially around the belly button!  Love the glitter!

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