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Autistic Kid visits the Grocery Store

My son N can turn a boring everyday shopping experience into an epic adventure, transforming the mundane into an exploration of “where no man has gone before”. N, who is very autistic, loves to visit the supermarket.  N’s spoken repertoire is … Continue reading

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Autism Heros

Having an autistic child has changed me in so may ways!  One of the many things that I define differently is, a hero.  A hero used to be somebody larger than life, to me.  There were the comic books characters Super Man … Continue reading

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10k for my Autistic Son

Many months ago I signed up for a special running event:  Erica’s Wish.  I love the spirit of this race, to me it is more about crossing the finish line, than winning.  I love the charity purpose, I love the big heart feel. … Continue reading

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Autistic Kid Gets Lost (at Marineland)

A child gets lost.  It is one of the greatest fears of every mom.  It is the stuff of nightmares.  We all wonder – what if my child and I get separated in an unfamiliar environment?  How will I find … Continue reading

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