Revenge of the Special Needs

As I was sipping my morning coffee and reading about yet another closure of public services for special needs kids, this time in Hamilton, I had a great idea.

I think it is time to close all political offices and send their residents home to their families. This would be done on compassionate grounds, naturally. They need the love of their family members, and care that only love can provide. Political office, and its rights and privileges, has become an institution. Institutions are bad things. The citizens of this country do not need the expense, especially when their residents are not serving the public. After all, it just costs money! And who needs that potential for legal liability, when bad decisions are made, that can cost taxpayers millions of dollars, even billions. A few platitudes that resonate:

There is a lot that can be done to help our politicians, today…..

Our politicians and their servants will now need to be integrated into the community. And that is something only the community can do…...

Lets be compassionate and close their buildings, and make them find real jobs and work like we do. No skills? Cannot cope with reality? Don’t worry, expensive private programs will emerge to fill that potentially lucrative gap. Oh, and did I mention – there is NO public money for you, NONE AT ALL, unless you can demonstrate abject poverty! You now have no severance, no pension, no kickbacks, no career, no future – NOTHING! Welcome to special needs, you and your family are now considered worthless, without value! And for that privilege you will have to PAY to become integrated into the community. And you can pay with that nice big house that you can mortgage.

Its Thanksgiving. For you it is just a bad dream. So stop complaining and just be thankful that you are not a victim of your own thoughtlessness.


About lifewithautistickid

I am a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), with an MBA and BA. I have been fortunate to have had an extraordinary life with an autistic kid. I have learned so much from him about people and life in general. I want to make a difference by sharing my extraordinary experiences. Raising a son with severe autism and developmental disability has made me realize how we who are "normal" do not understand "disability". Instead of trying to "fix" people like my son by burying them in the community, I would like to see a society that respects and honors them for who they are. The potential is endless, in a world that can celebrate with sincerity, the dignity of the individual. Love and blessings to people of all "disability" . That includes you and me!
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