Ok – There is more! Monday morning Mayhem

It was a hot Monday summer morning in August.  At 7:00 am the humidity already hovered in the 90% range when I had to open the door to let out the dog for a pee.

I would normally shut the door and wait for the dog to bark before opening, however on a morning such as this one, with such an extreme indoor/outdoor temperature differential, I wanted her to be able to get back inside at her leisure.

At 7:00 am weekdays I normally make the coffee and start assembling sandwiches for lunches, alone in the kitchen, while family are still sleeping.  On this day – my blissful solitude was rudely interrupted by a vision, out of the corner of my eye, of a streak of flesh as it disappeared out through the open door.  Oh naked NO!

I rushed to the door praying silently that it was just a plump mirage that I saw, caused by my drowsy Monday brain.   But alas it was what I feared most – N was standing in his birthday suit on the driveway!  OMG!  My son is not a small guy.  There is no way that he could be called “inconspicuous”!  “Come inside” I pleaded. But like a smart rabbit he was having none of that.  It was little mom vs big N.

Sometimes you have to weigh your options – FAST!  If I head out the door – he could bolt.  If I stay inside – he could bolt.  Decision!  I instantly scrambled to put myself between N and the street before he had a nanosecond to guess what I would do!

“OK N get inside….”  I put my arms out wide like I learned in survival class to make myself look bigger.  N looked at me, then looked at the street which beckoned to him, for some unknown reason, on this morning before he got dressed.  He just stood there – he stood there long enough that I became conscious of the rise of embarrassment over my face.  I could feel it:  somebody is looking right now and thinking “who should I call”?

N made a distressed sound “eh-eh”, to tell me I was just the biggest pain in the butt he ever met.  Then as quickly as he came out, he turned and went inside.  I fanned my sweating face and drew a big breath of relief.  I had visions of chasing him down the street – him, in the buff, and me, in my jailbird PJs.   Could have really ended badly for both of us.

We have 2 sets of locks on both doors. Needless to say, I fastened them both after this awakening.  There is no – “thats all folks” it would seem.  We learn to handle what life throws at us, lesson by lesson.





About lifewithautistickid

I am a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), with an MBA and BA. I have been fortunate to have had an extraordinary life with an autistic kid. I have learned so much from him about people and life in general. I want to make a difference by sharing my extraordinary experiences. Raising a son with severe autism and developmental disability has made me realize how we who are "normal" do not understand "disability". Instead of trying to "fix" people like my son by burying them in the community, I would like to see a society that respects and honors them for who they are. The potential is endless, in a world that can celebrate with sincerity, the dignity of the individual. Love and blessings to people of all "disability" . That includes you and me!
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