Hello and welcome to “LIFEWITHAUTISTICKID”!

LIFEWITHAUSTICKID is a collection stories about real events in the life of an Ontario family with a severely autistic and developmentally disabled child. Some of our adventures are humorous, others humorous in hindsight only. You may find some stories horrifying, or incomprehensible, and you may question my mental state or feel a need to judge me. Regardless of whether funny or not so funny, i hope that my stories are food for thought.

I think it is important that families with children with severe disabilities honestly tell their stories about what life is like for their families. There are people making decisions that impact our families who grievously lack understanding of the situations and challenges that families coping with severe disabilities face. I understand that these decision makers are invariably tasked with budget cuts, because the disabled are the go-to low hanging fruit for cost cutting politicians. Maybe our stories can change the thinking behind that.