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Practical ideas to make life easier for parents of kids with autism

Uniforms – Modified for Autistic Kid

It’s High School time for N. At our high school the kids wear uniforms.  It is a light tan bottom with a white polo style top– and while I love the idea of uniforms, those colours, for N, translate into “potential … Continue reading

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A success Story: Public dining with Autism

We have had numerous dining fiascos with our autistic son. I cannot tell you how many times I have wished I could become invisible and exit the restaurant, unseen with him. Today, I am glad to report that there is … Continue reading

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Personal Hygiene tips and tricks for parenting severely autistic boys

If you have a kid with autism, especially on the moderate – severe end of the spectrum, you probably have experienced difficulties teaching your child basic personal hygiene. I believe that the challenge relates to relevance: if something is not … Continue reading

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Christmas from the eyes of autism

I received this letter a few days ago. It is Christmas from the perspective of a child with autism. I felt when reading it that if my son could speak, or write, this is what he would say. Dear Family … Continue reading

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Halloween Hopes

Here’s to a Halloween enjoyed by N! Here’s to sufficient understanding so that there is no fear. His pumpkin carved by him, with kind and understanding help.

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At the store…..

I find myself thinking about all the crazy things that we have experienced taking N to the store. Decided to write about it. If you opened this post last evening and discovered there was nothing – I apologize. I should … Continue reading

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Summer camp

In early March I was panicking. Special needs camp spots are hard to secure, and early registration is a necessity if one needs to be sure of something. I work part time. I needed to find a SUITABLE summer camp … Continue reading

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