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Summer vacation with autism

The sky had just begun to pale in the east when we set out. For me it would be a 10+ hour drive to Maine, in a jam packed SUV with four adult sized men. I was wedged against the … Continue reading

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A success Story: Public dining with Autism

We have had numerous dining fiascos with our autistic son. I cannot tell you how many times I have wished I could become invisible and exit the restaurant, unseen with him. Today, I am glad to report that there is … Continue reading

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Personal Hygiene tips and tricks for parenting severely autistic boys

If you have a kid with autism, especially on the moderate – severe end of the spectrum, you probably have experienced difficulties teaching your child basic personal hygiene. I believe that the challenge relates to relevance: if something is not … Continue reading

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OMG!!! POSITIVE feedback!

We moms with autistic kids have to listen to some pretty uncomfortable feedback, fairly frequently, often repeatedly, from schools and community programs. I know that nobody intends to cause us grief. I know that the intention is to inform. However … Continue reading

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Autism meets the Eye Doctor

It really was no surprise that N’s first visit to the eye doctor was such a disaster. But I wanted to know if his vision was ok. And he cannot tell us, because he is non-verbal. I knew he could … Continue reading

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At the store…..

I find myself thinking about all the crazy things that we have experienced taking N to the store. Decided to write about it. If you opened this post last evening and discovered there was nothing – I apologize. I should … Continue reading

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Autism at the Airport

Sunday night, it was snowing lightly and the sky was slightly overcast. My husband and two oldest boys were on their way home from Florida, where they had been attending the Blue Jays spring training in Dunedin. It was their … Continue reading

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