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Wonderful experiences with an autistic child

Easter with Autism

About 17 years ago, Easter Bunny passed me the hat, and the basket of eggs. I have to say, it was lots of fun, but It was not always easy, staying up late, finding good hiding places that weren’t TOO … Continue reading

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Autism Enlightenment… while Shopping!

Just before Christmas N and I had gone to Walmart to buy a few last minute gifts. We were waiting, in a very busy store, in a very long line. This is the very stuff of autism shopping nightmares of … Continue reading

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Back to School – with Autistickid

Monday, January 6, 2014. The weather forecast for today – 15-25cm of snow. Last night my two older sons were eager with anticipation of a snow day, an extention of the 2 week Christmas holiday that they had just enjoyed. … Continue reading

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Autism Heros

Having an autistic child has changed me in so may ways!  One of the many things that I define differently is, a hero.  A hero used to be somebody larger than life, to me.  There were the comic books characters Super Man … Continue reading

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Cutest Monkey Ever! by Autistic Kid!

Check out this craft by N at Autism Halton Camp! Autistic Monkey- lots of eyeballs, especially around the belly button!  Love the glitter!

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“When you judge another, you do not define them. You define yourself.” ~Wayne Dyer Everybody judges. We are predisposed to it, it comes from our basic survival instincts. It evolves over time from what we experience. As the quote above … Continue reading

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Autistic Fun

What amuses a normal child may completely confuse my kid with autism. My son is has no clue what to do with toys. Right now at age 10 he depends alot upon the active participation of an adult to amuse himself. … Continue reading

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Autism Mom Meets an Angel

Do you believe in angels? I do. However, I don’t think they are beautiful androgenous humans dressed in flowing white, with feathery wings and golden glowing halos. I believe  angels are all around us: they are you and me. I believe … Continue reading

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