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COVID-19 is a real health threat

I had to post this, after watching a man on TV explain to the reporter who asked him why he was not cancelling his trip to Florida given the pandemic situation respond: “Well I’m going anyway, because I am healthy … Continue reading

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Intensive intervention…it begins

N has been admitted to what I suspect is the only inpatient intensive intervention program in Ontario…and he started today, Friday, October 21. The program is  in a different city about 2 hours drive from where we live.  We have … Continue reading

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A Message to the Province of Ontario

I respond to an article from the Oakville Beaver, MAY2016:  Improving autism services for children and youths.  My comments are in CAPS and bold. Oakville Beaver By Kevin Flynn, My View There are approximately 40,000 children and youths in Ontario … Continue reading

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A success Story: Public dining with Autism

We have had numerous dining fiascos with our autistic son. I cannot tell you how many times I have wished I could become invisible and exit the restaurant, unseen with him. Today, I am glad to report that there is … Continue reading

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OK Ontario – It is election time!

We here in ONTARIO are just a few days away from another provincial election. Maybe I am cynical (OK…I admit yes..I AM cynical) but I find myself wondering – is there any point? What real difference will this election make? … Continue reading

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Back to School – with Autistickid

Monday, January 6, 2014. The weather forecast for today – 15-25cm of snow. Last night my two older sons were eager with anticipation of a snow day, an extention of the 2 week Christmas holiday that they had just enjoyed. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday N

Today N is 12 years old. It was about 1 hour ago, 12 years ago, that my life changed in a dramatic way. I did not know it, at the time, that the birth of this child would change me … Continue reading

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Autism meets the Eye Doctor

It really was no surprise that N’s first visit to the eye doctor was such a disaster. But I wanted to know if his vision was ok. And he cannot tell us, because he is non-verbal. I knew he could … Continue reading

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Autism Bath Adventures…

Do you have a dog that hates the water? Do you try to bathe him/her anyway? Then you might have the skill set to bathe my kid with autism.  Read on to find out if you have a possible second … Continue reading

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A Vacation That Isn’t….. with Autistic Kid

As a kid I was lucky that I was able to enjoy many wonderful family vacations. I did travel to many destinations.  I wish I was able to pass that gift on to my sons. Unfortunately I cannot do that: our … Continue reading

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