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Hope for Understanding – Autism/DD

We strode across the grassy field of the campus. It was a quintessential June day: sunny with wispy clouds, pleasantly hot, stirred by a breeze filled with the fresh scents of cut grass and newly burst leaves and flowers. The … Continue reading

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Surviving Graduation with Autism and Developmental Disability

The gym was bustling with people. It was a small gym, and the presence of so many families made it seem overly crowded. Metal folding chairs had been placed in rows facing the stage, and most were now either occupied … Continue reading

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Autism Appearances……are Deceiving

There are 2 stories that I want to tell. About appearances, and how they are not necessarily reflective of reality. One is about autism, the other is not. In both cases the families live on the edge, at the extreme … Continue reading

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Back to School – with Autistickid

Monday, January 6, 2014. The weather forecast for today – 15-25cm of snow. Last night my two older sons were eager with anticipation of a snow day, an extention of the 2 week Christmas holiday that they had just enjoyed. … Continue reading

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The Little Bus

We wait for it, every weekday morning. Yesterday it came for the last time to take N to his community school. The little bus may be small, but its significance for my son and I is truly great. For my … Continue reading

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Happy Autism Thanksgiving

Three words that do NOT belong together – happy and autism and Thanksgiving! There is not much to be thankful or happy about when it comes to autism. I wish I could sit here tonight and write some mushy thanksgiving … Continue reading

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10k for my Autistic Son

Many months ago I signed up for a special running event:  Erica’s Wish.  I love the spirit of this race, to me it is more about crossing the finish line, than winning.  I love the charity purpose, I love the big heart feel. … Continue reading

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