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A Long Weekend with autistic kid.

July 31, 2016.  Well it finally rained, for a few minutes, briefly relieving the drought we have been experiencing, and while the humidity continues to press down on us, it is almost comfortable outside, thanks to a steady breeze and … Continue reading

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A Message to the Province of Ontario

I respond to an article from the Oakville Beaver, MAY2016:  Improving autism services for children and youths.  My comments are in CAPS and bold. Oakville Beaver By Kevin Flynn, My View There are approximately 40,000 children and youths in Ontario … Continue reading

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“When you judge another, you do not define them. You define yourself.” ~Wayne Dyer Everybody judges. We are predisposed to it, it comes from our basic survival instincts. It evolves over time from what we experience. As the quote above … Continue reading

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Autistic Fun

What amuses a normal child may completely confuse my kid with autism. My son is has no clue what to do with toys. Right now at age 10 he depends alot upon the active participation of an adult to amuse himself. … Continue reading

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