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Puzzle Pieces

When my autistic son N showed an interest in puzzles, I was beyond excited. I was truly over the moon. At last, N was interested in something that could be considered “normal play”! Before the peg puzzle, there was little which … Continue reading

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Halloween with Autistic Kid

Halloween is a scary delight for the senses.  For the eyes there are glowing jack-o-lanterns,  flickering candles, ghosts and goblins, and spooky scenery.  The sounds of Halloween, including piercing screams, haunting howls, eerie laughs, and echoing voices, all just as exciting as the visual imagery.  … Continue reading

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Happy Autism Thanksgiving

Three words that do NOT belong together – happy and autism and Thanksgiving! There is not much to be thankful or happy about when it comes to autism. I wish I could sit here tonight and write some mushy thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Autistic Kid visits the Grocery Store

My son N can turn a boring everyday shopping experience into an epic adventure, transforming the mundane into an exploration of “where no man has gone before”. N, who is very autistic, loves to visit the supermarket.  N’s spoken repertoire is … Continue reading

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Autism Bath Adventures…

Do you have a dog that hates the water? Do you try to bathe him/her anyway? Then you might have the skill set to bathe my kid with autism.  Read on to find out if you have a possible second … Continue reading

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Teaching Autistic Kid to Ride a Bike

We have had great difficulty teaching our autistic son to ride a bike.  I am hoping that a reader of this post may be able to offer a suggestion or suggestions, as I do continue to believe in him, in … Continue reading

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Eating in a restaurant w. autistic kid

Sometimes I am asked how do we manage to have dinner in a restaurant with Nicholas, our 10 year old very autistic child.   I get asked this from people because Nicholas has  auditory stim issues – he verbalizes almost constantly and … Continue reading

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