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Surviving Graduation with Autism and Developmental Disability

The gym was bustling with people. It was a small gym, and the presence of so many families made it seem overly crowded. Metal folding chairs had been placed in rows facing the stage, and most were now either occupied … Continue reading

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Are Social Events Possible, with a very Autistic Kid?

A few weekends ago, my dad’s long term care home held their annual BBQ.  We had gone the previous year, with N and my mother, and it was a fun event at which  N behaved admirably well.  So when it was time to … Continue reading

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My Autistic Kid – Nick Noise

How do you get a noisy autistic kid to become a quiet autistic kid?  Where is the “off button”? N is a walking one man band.  Or perhaps  a “one man choir”  is a more apt description.  He is constantly making … Continue reading

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