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Swimming Lessons with Autism

We enrolled N in swimming lessons for the first time when N was 4. The community swimming program for special needs kids was called “Aquadapt”. As I saw it at the time, it was just another thing N could not … Continue reading

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Personal Hygiene tips and tricks for parenting severely autistic boys

If you have a kid with autism, especially on the moderate – severe end of the spectrum, you probably have experienced difficulties teaching your child basic personal hygiene. I believe that the challenge relates to relevance: if something is not … Continue reading


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Autism Bath Adventures…

Do you have a dog that hates the water? Do you try to bathe him/her anyway? Then you might have the skill set to bathe my kid with autism.  Read on to find out if you have a possible second … Continue reading

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Persistant Potty Problems (acronym = PPP )

“And she still was not willing to sit on the seat!” cried exasperated mom at the coffee clatch. “What am I going to do? She is 3 1/2, and the Montessori School will not accept her unless she is independent … Continue reading

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