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A Message to the Province of Ontario

I respond to an article from the Oakville Beaver, MAY2016:  Improving autism services for children and youths.  My comments are in CAPS and bold. Oakville Beaver By Kevin Flynn, My View There are approximately 40,000 children and youths in Ontario … Continue reading


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Surviving Graduation with Autism and Developmental Disability

The gym was bustling with people. It was a small gym, and the presence of so many families made it seem overly crowded. Metal folding chairs had been placed in rows facing the stage, and most were now either occupied … Continue reading

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EEGs and MRIs – What the letters REALLY mean…

I hoped it would be possible to learn why N had autism. It did not run in the family. We have no history of developmental disability. Heart disease and cancer – yes! But the only brain issue in our family … Continue reading

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Wait List after Wait List after Wait list

OK, with diagnosis “confirmed”, now what? There must be services out there to help him? There has to be something out there to help impacted families? The provincial government had closed or was in the process of closing all institutions … Continue reading

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